In addition to marketing services, I take up other projects

Most of them are partner projects. This means that the business is created in partnership with other people. I can enter your project as a partner too, but there are special requirements for projects.

Personal project

Academy of Marketing

Online academy of online marketing with interactive lessons and community

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Personal project

Advertising Designer

The best designer of contextual advertising according to Microsoft and venture fund of IIDF

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Partner project

Law office

Law Firm in partnership with one of the best lawyers of the Krasnodar Territory

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Lawyer Eremina

Partner project

Pictures on the boards

Production of unique panels and paintings on pine boards of the first grade

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Partner project

Wooden icons

Orthodox icons, made in full accordance with the Orthodox icon painting canon

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Wooden icons

Want to built business together?

Fill out the application form then. But keep in mind, I do not undertake everything:) If you have a startup, besides you yourself have not fully understood whether it will work or not, you have no working business model - I sincerely advise you to consider another option of partnership with me.

Partner Project Requirements
  • Business exists for more than 1 year

  • Monthly turnover not less than $60 000

  • This is not your first business

  • You have a physical office

  • No debts, loans or lawsuits

  • Transparent structure, honest business

  • Legal entity, not an individual entrepreneur

  • You are ready to register my participation according to the law, to make the Charter

If you have no questions about the above

Then let`s get acquainted and discuss possible partnership options, in which I can increase your turnover tenfold.

The easiest and fastest way to understand if we can work together is to communicate:)
Leave your contacts - I`ll call you and we`ll discuss all the details of your project.
If you want to leave a really cool and useful feedback to many people -
Answer these question
I never guarantee anything to anybody.

This has to be explained to all customers: someone snorts and goes to freelancer websites and some return after some thought.


You come to the doctor, he is a real Pro (you have been looking for him, you waited six months, paid a lot of money). He is the one you need (he has a lot of happy healthy patients, he has exclusive knowledge and all his walls are covered with certificates and diplomas). But, will he guarantee you that he will cure everything? - No way! But he will definitely do Everything in his power - and that is enough. I treat my profession the same way - I can not promise the client the mountains of gold, but I will use ALL my knowledge, skills and experience. I will try to work with each project to the same extent. I do my best every time. And if I know that I can not do my best or do not want to - I refuse.

I can only take responsibility for the results if I become a co-owner of the company, with a percentage of the profits and all the powers. That`s a given? Recently I had an interesting client with the task to create a landing page. The client is not from Russia, with a different mindset and mentality. Just think of it, I create landings for $3000 . And he asks: "David, your works are great. Can I pay you twice as much to try harder?". Do you understand what happened? The man asked to take more of his money. I have never seen this before. I refused him. I took as much as I take from other clients, because I can not give more than 100%. Though, I told him he could pay more if he wanted. But only when the work is completed and delivered.

But I continue to receive calls from the entrepreneurs who are like: "Whoa! 3 grand. And what do you guarantee? Nothing? Pfft. Bye for now. No, wait ... maybe cheaper, huh?".

No, not cheaper.
No, no guatantee.

The easiest and fastest way to understand if we can work together is to communicate:)
Leave your contacts - I`ll call you and we`ll discuss all the details of your project.

I will contact you shortly

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