Not just Online CourseCommunity of people who collectively earn on MLM over $20 000 000 per month using a unique technology

I teach to do the same as I do. I share my technologies. Concrete and structured. Accessible for beginners.
With hometasks that I check personally.
No fluff, no excess motivation.

Any MLM newcomer faces the same problems

To help all my partners avoid difficulties, I analyzed each problem and developed a solution:

  • Friends do not want to understand, do not believe and dissuade

  • People say it is all a scam and you do not know what to reply

  • It is not clear what exactly you should do

  • When a problem occurs, nobody helps you

  • Clients are forgotten and lost

  • It`s hard to attract new people to your structure

  • I have developed scripts that will help you to convey the right thoughts correctly and calmly

  • Separate lessons on working with objections are highlighted in the course

  • The whole course is a step-by-step plan. You never ponder over what to do next

  • We have chat for all participants and constant support and help from mentors

  • My partners have an opportunity to use CRM-system in which nothing will be lost

  • I have developed an automated system in which people will come to you and ask for «enter» themselves

For not to be unfounded

Based on the statistics of active members of the community, I created a simple and intuitive calculator that allows you to estimate how much you will earn in the network business, if you work on my methodology and using my promotional materials.

Month Customers in total Partners in total Indiviadual turnover points Group turnover points Your monthly income
Calculator Probabilities
Subscriber→Registration 3,5%
Conversation→Registration 24%
Registration→VIP 48%
VIP→Partner 21%
Subscriber Cost $0.50
Points per client / month 22
Points per VIP / month 100
Pearl bonus 2%
Bonus for new VIP $10

Note: the amount of work from month to month does not change.
You still invest $100 per month in advertising and communicate about business with 3 people every day.
But your income grows every month, the result accumulates.

PS: he Calculator predicts revenue based on real but understated statistics from my partners. This means that if you work harder than my "below-average" partner - you will earn much more. Also, the calculator takes into account only the income received from the turnover created by you, but does not take into account additional bonuses and bonuses that can exceed the monthly income. The calculator also takes into account that on average your partners will be three times less diligent than you. If you find people who will work as diligently as you - your income will be 3-4 times more.

PPS: The main bonus that you get when building your business in my course - absolute passivity. Your income will not depend on one partner, it will be diversified to many customers and partners. This means that the income will remain at the same level, even if later you completely stop working with Amway.

Ask yourself one simple question: what would have happened if you had started a year ago?
Today you would earn additional $14396 per month.

What do you get besides the money?

Free car

There is car-program in Amway. It is quite easy to meet the conditions. You will get a brand new Toyota Corolla in the property after about 2 years of active work.


For successful partners, Amway pays for up to two 5-star trips per year. For the most successful - individual Luxury travel and business class flights. It is about a year of active work to travel.


Successful Amway partners are recognized on stage. Just imagine: you gave a speech on stage and 5,000 people applaud you standing up! Thare remains a bit more than a year of active work to achieve this level.

Why am I sure you will earn a lot?

Because I created a specific step by step training program, after which you will in any case begin to earn. All the difficulties that may arise from a novice "NetWorker" - I have provided and developed the possibility of bypassing them.

You will get all the necessary materials, scripts, technologies and features that are available to me. From the automatic "recruiting" system to the personal link to this page. The people you invite will not see my links for registration inside of course, but YOURS. The people you invite to our community will be registered "under" you.


First you go through all the necessary training: you learn everything you need to know about the product and the company, put your social networks in order so that they become the source of your partners, you get all the necessary promotional materials


Then you learn to «talk»: you learn in practice 8 most effective methods of sales and negotiations, earning the first serious money in parallel


You implement an automation system to work less and earn more. Connect to our CRM-system


Final stage - you learn to be a mentor and support to your partners. By this moment you will be making over $5000 a month.


Next we begin to make you a popular person on the Internet, the idol of many people for the ranks of your partners regularly replenished with new subscribers

На текущий момент курс «Технология Бизнеса Amway» содержит

  • 7 modules
  • 83 lessons
  • 21 hours of theory
  • 96 hours of practice

Why does working at Amway fit you?

Neutral activity type

Everyone can find themselves, regardless of age and gender, there is no narrow specificity, like a surgeon, for example.

No initial investments

Opening any traditional business costs a lot of money: rental of premises, salaries, etc. There are no such expenses in Amway.

Flexible hours

What MLM does have is freedom. You work when you want and with whom you want. And if you want a day off, you just take a day off.

No product liability

The product level of the selected company has been tested for years. It guarantees high quality and gives 90 days return for any reason.

No financial «ceiling»

The amount of money in your pockets depends only on your ambitions. There are people who earn more than 2 mln. dollars a month from MLM.

Hundreds of thousands of people do earn already

Anyway, MLM is considered to be the most effective form of business even in Russia.

Why Amway as the basis?

The oldest MLM company in the world

The company has proved its reliability: it has been working and developing steadily in Russia for 15 years and in the World for almost 60 years.

Over 750 life-necessary goods

The range consists of consumer goods. In other words, everything we buy for ourselves and at home every month is sold from them.

The richest MLM company in the World

This company maintains a leading position in Russia and the World for many years. Turnover in 2017 - $8.5 billion

No compulsory "buyouts" of goods

There are no mandatory conditions, such as redemption or monthly register of a certain number of people.

Advanced rewards system

In addition to the main payments there are many awards and growth programs for all levels of partners.

High quality products

Amway owns 15 factories around the world, as well as several research laboratories and more than 4,500 patents

But most important: it occupies only 25% of market in Russia

Amway`s Revenue in Russia is 31 mln. dollars per year. The average salary in Russia is $500. If we compare the growth rate and sales of Amway in the CIS with Thailand and other countries, where the average salary of$ 300-500, it turns out that in the next 10 years, Amway revenue in Russia will grow to 1.5 mln. US dollars.

Amway gives 30% of its revenue to its partners, i.e. to us. This means that in the next 10 years, someone in Russia will start earning these 500 mln. US dollars a year. Who will be these people?

Interview with community members

Alexander and Elena Skrypnik

Maykop, earn per month 11,7 average salaries

Sergey and Olga Andreev

Krasnodar, earn per month 3.1 average Russian salaries

Ekaterina Skrypnyk

Maikop, earn per month 5,8 average Russian salaries

Nataliya Yena

Dnipropetrovsk, Crown Envoy - Founder of Business

Maral and Zhanbolat Bekmusayev

Kazakhstan, Crowned Ambassadors

Oksana and Vladimir Grabar

Uzhgorod, Diamond Leaders

Vladimir and Marina Mezencevi

Perm, Double Diamond Leaders

Kaplun Tatyana and Vernikovskiy Alexander

Novosibirsk, Diamond Leaders

Oksana and Sergey Martynovs

Diamond Leaders - Business Administrators

Valentina and Yevgeny Faldins

Diamond Leaders

Vadim Mityakin

Diamond Leaders

Tatyana and Dmitry Soloshenko

Mtsensk, Diamond Leaders - Business Administrators

Adamidis Alexander and Eleonora

Almaty, Greece's first Diamond Leader

Fayvushkin Elena and Michael

Germany, Diamond Leaders

Tamara and Sergey Kurilov

Lugansk, Diamond Leaders

Olga and Anatoly Ena

Diamond Leaders

Zura and Ismail Taysumov

Diamond Leaders

Elena and Denis Astakhov

Diamond Leaders

The easiest and fastest way to understand if we can work together is to communicate:)
Leave your contacts - I`ll call you and we`ll discuss all the details of your project.
If you want to leave a really cool and useful feedback to many people -
Answer these question
I never guarantee anything to anybody.

This has to be explained to all customers: someone snorts and goes to freelancer websites and some return after some thought.


You come to the doctor, he is a real Pro (you have been looking for him, you waited six months, paid a lot of money). He is the one you need (he has a lot of happy healthy patients, he has exclusive knowledge and all his walls are covered with certificates and diplomas). But, will he guarantee you that he will cure everything? - No way! But he will definitely do Everything in his power - and that is enough. I treat my profession the same way - I can not promise the client the mountains of gold, but I will use ALL my knowledge, skills and experience. I will try to work with each project to the same extent. I do my best every time. And if I know that I can not do my best or do not want to - I refuse.

I can only take responsibility for the results if I become a co-owner of the company, with a percentage of the profits and all the powers. That`s a given? Recently I had an interesting client with the task to create a landing page. The client is not from Russia, with a different mindset and mentality. Just think of it, I create landings for $3000 . And he asks: "David, your works are great. Can I pay you twice as much to try harder?". Do you understand what happened? The man asked to take more of his money. I have never seen this before. I refused him. I took as much as I take from other clients, because I can not give more than 100%. Though, I told him he could pay more if he wanted. But only when the work is completed and delivered.

But I continue to receive calls from the entrepreneurs who are like: "Whoa! 3 grand. And what do you guarantee? Nothing? Pfft. Bye for now. No, wait ... maybe cheaper, huh?".

No, not cheaper.
No, no guatantee.

The easiest and fastest way to understand if we can work together is to communicate:)
Leave your contacts - I`ll call you and we`ll discuss all the details of your project.

I will contact you shortly

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