Community of people who collectively earn on MLM over $20 000 000 per month using a unique technology

I teach to do the same as I do. I share my technologies. Concrete and structured. Accessible for beginners. With hometasks that I check personally. No fluff, no excess motivation.

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What`s the point?

The point is that I invite you to our community. I am ready to teach you everything I know. To teach you how to make good money. Free of charge. Without registration and SMS. I`m kidding, there is a registration. There is also a convenient personal account of the partner:)

In short

The main goal of my life is to create a community with a total income of all participants more than $20 00. Moreover, I want to participate in this community itself to help participants earn more. I see network business as the most logical, simple and universal way to achieve this goal. I chose the largest, richest, stable, modern and fast - growing network companies-Amway and NL. In order to make my partners earn easier and faster, I have developed and constantly improve my interactive online courses.

Essence of network business

You, the people you attract and everyone they attract, make purchases of the company`s products and the company pays cash-back. 30% on average. Once registering a person, you will receive cash-back from his purchases all your life.

Why does the network company pay cash-back?

In a traditional company, more than 30% of the costs are the costs of attracting new customers. The network company does not have these expences. In the network company, we attract customers acting as a sales and marketing department. That`s why the network company pays us cash-back.

What exactly should I do?

Attract new people to the community. The more you attract, the more you earn. Education in the community is built in such a way that passing it, any person will earn good money.

How much can I earn?
What`s not here
  • No mandatory «purchases»

    There are none of them here. You will not be made to buy the product by force. If you want - you buy, if not - you don`t buy. To earn money you do not need to buy the product yourself.

  • No running around in cap and bag with company logos

    No need to stand at the junction with Amway boxes. All work is built with the help of modern technologies.

  • No annoying «pulling» your relatives and friends

    Nobody will insist that you overload your friends. I will teach you how to make them come to you and ask you to join the team.

  • No cheating on other people

    The company products are indeed many times better in quality than any that can be bought in a regular store. And cheaper at the same time. It is not a shame to talk about such products. Also, if you do not like the product - It can be returned and you can get your money back.

  • No sectarianism

    No one will come to your «soul». I am an entrepreneur with ten years of experience. I came here to work and earn money. And I teach the community members to do the same.

What`s in there?
  • There is work, work and again - work

    This is a long-term project and it will take a lot of work. At first, more than 40 hours a week. Just need a concentrated study to learn new skills. It is simple: more work - more money.

  • Specific step-by-step technology

    You will work on the basis of my ten years of experience in business, marketing and customer acquisition. You will have access to all my advanced technology and knowledge.

  • Community help and support

    You will not be alone, you will be in constant contact with me and other participants and mentors of the project. Any your question will be solved within one call or one message in the general chat.

  • Scale

    It is no secret that serious money is spinning in the network business. In Russia alone, sales in 2018 amounted to 1.8 billion dollars, 30% of which is deposited in the pockets of their partners. You and me. Your income is limited only by your imagination.

  • Rapid growth

    The training program consists only of useful actions that will lead to explosive growth.

At the moment you can choose from two network companies

But nobody forbids you to fit in both!:)

Amway Business Technology Learn more

This is an interactive online course the result of which will be built by you with the help of my business technology, generating an income starting form $2000/month. Amway Products: household chemicals, vitamins, dietary supplements, household goods, cosmetics, water purification systems, dishes, etc. Excellent quality. Difficult in the beginning, but the farther - the easier.


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NL Business Technology Learn more

This is an interactive online course the result of which will be built by you with the help of my business technology, generating income from $2000/month. NL products: sports nutrition, dietary supplements, cosmetics, trendy products. Excellent quality. Easier in the beginning, but the farther - the harder.


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Which network company to choose?

Amway honest comparison NL
> 750 items assortment > 350 items
Household chemicals, vitamins, cosmetics, home and health products goods sports nutrition, dietary nutrition, dietary supplements, cosmetics
Harder at the start, but easier later complexity Easy at the start, but harder later
Toyota Corolla car-program Mercedes С-class
up to 2 times a year, 5+ stars travels up to 2 times a year, 5+ stars
59 years years in market 18 years
$8,6 bln. annual turnover $400 mln.
90 days product warranty not provided
Online Academy online training from the company online school
start only mandatory buyouts $180/month.
Amway NL
> 750 items > 350 items
Household chemicals, vitamins, cosmetics, home and health products sports nutrition, dietary nutrition, dietary supplements, cosmetics
Harder at the start, but easier later Easy at the start, but harder later
Toyota Corolla Mercedes С-class
up to 2 times a year, 5+ stars up to 2 times a year, 5+ stars
years in market
59 years 18 years
annual turnover
$8,6 bln. $400 mln.
product warranty
90 days not provided
online training from the company
Online Academy online school
mandatory buyouts
start only $180/month.

What do you get besides the money?

Free car

There is a car-program in network companies. Fulfill its conditions is not easy, but real. You will get a brand new car in the property in about a year or two of active work.


For successful partners, network companies pay up to two trips of the "5 stars" level per year. For the most successful ones get an individual Luxury travel and business class flights. It is about a year of active work to travel.


Successful partners are recognized on stage. Just imagine: you gave a speech on stage and 5,000 people applaud you standing up! Thare remains a bit more than a year of active work to achieve this level.

Why am I sure you will earn a lot?

Because I created a specific step by step training program, after which you will in any case begin to earn. All the difficulties that may arise from a novice "NetWorker" - I have provided and developed the possibility of bypassing them.

You will get all the necessary materials, scripts, technologies and features that are available to me. From the automatic "recruiting" system to the personal link to this page. The people you invite will not see my links for registration inside of course, but YOURS. The people you invite to our community will be registered "under" you.


First you go through all the necessary training: you learn everything you need to know about the product and the company, put your social networks in order so that they become the source of your partners, you get all the necessary promotional materials


Then you learn to «talk»: you learn in practice 8 most effective methods of sales and negotiations, earning the first serious money in parallel


You implement an automation system to work less and earn more. Connect to our CRM-system


Final stage - you learn to be a mentor and support to your partners. By this moment you will be making over $5000 a month.


Next we begin to make you a popular person on the Internet, the idol of many people for the ranks of your partners regularly replenished with new subscribers

Interview with community members

The easiest and fastest way to understand if we can work together is to communicate:)
Leave your contacts - I`ll call you and we`ll discuss all the details of your project.
If you want to leave a really cool and useful feedback to many people -
Answer these question
I never guarantee anything to anybody.

This has to be explained to all customers: someone snorts and goes to freelancer websites and some return after some thought.


You come to the doctor, he is a real Pro (you have been looking for him, you waited six months, paid a lot of money). He is the one you need (he has a lot of happy healthy patients, he has exclusive knowledge and all his walls are covered with certificates and diplomas). But, will he guarantee you that he will cure everything? - No way! But he will definitely do Everything in his power - and that is enough. I treat my profession the same way - I can not promise the client the mountains of gold, but I will use ALL my knowledge, skills and experience. I will try to work with each project to the same extent. I do my best every time. And if I know that I can not do my best or do not want to - I refuse.

I can only take responsibility for the results if I become a co-owner of the company, with a percentage of the profits and all the powers. That`s a given? Recently I had an interesting client with the task to create a landing page. The client is not from Russia, with a different mindset and mentality. Just think of it, I create landings for $3000 . And he asks: "David, your works are great. Can I pay you twice as much to try harder?". Do you understand what happened? The man asked to take more of his money. I have never seen this before. I refused him. I took as much as I take from other clients, because I can not give more than 100%. Though, I told him he could pay more if he wanted. But only when the work is completed and delivered.

But I continue to receive calls from the entrepreneurs who are like: "Whoa! 3 grand. And what do you guarantee? Nothing? Pfft. Bye for now. No, wait ... maybe cheaper, huh?".

No, not cheaper.
No, no guatantee.

The easiest and fastest way to understand if we can work together is to communicate:)
Leave your contacts - I`ll call you and we`ll discuss all the details of your project.

I will contact you shortly

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