Interactive Online Course«Landing Pages Technology»

I teach to do the same as I do. I share my technologies. Concrete and structured. Accessible for beginners.
With hometasks that I check personally.
From $400 with no time limit for training.

What`s inside

  • Recommended books

  • My personal work and support

  • Answers to questions

  • Hometasks

  • Feedback on each «hometask»

  • Partnership with the members

  • Brainstorms and non-standard solutions

  • Communication with like-minded people

  • Results of other members

  • Diaries of other members

Training Program

Title Theory Practice
#1   Упаковка бизнеса и поиск смыслов 5 часов 12 часов
#1.1   Организационные моменты 10 минут 2 минуты
#1.2   Как выбрать нишу для прохождения курса 15 минут 30 минут
#1.3   Как узнать почему у вас на самом деле покупают клиенты 4 часа 2 часа
#1.4   Как составить аватары клиентов 15 минут 2 часа
#1.5   Как собрать всю информацию, нужную для упаковки быстро 15 минут 3 часа
#1.6   Как создать правильный план упаковки бизнеса 15 минут 2 часа
#1.7   Что писать на лендинге, чтобы покупали 15 минут 2 часа
#2   Создание текстового прототипа страницы 4 часа 15 часов
#2.1   В какой программе делать прототип лендинга 10 минут 1 час
#2.2   Как составить конверсионный заголовок 30 минут 1 час
#2.3   Как сделать правильный первый экран лендинга 15 минут 2 часа
#2.4   Сделать прототипы страниц на ваши продукты/услуги 3 часа 10 часов
#2.5   Проверить свои макеты по чек-листу и исправить ошибки 40 минут 1 час
#3   Дизайн, верстка, публикация в интернете 2 часа 8 часов
#3.1   Почему не стоит использовать конструкторы лендингов 15 минут 45 минут
#3.2   Как разместить заказ на дизайн на фрилансе и отобрать ТОП-5 кандидатов 10 минут 2 часа
#3.3   Как выбрать исполнителя и начать с ним работать 15 минут 1 час
#3.4   Как сделать правильный дизайн первого экрана 10 минут 30 минут
#3.5   Как сделать правильный дизайн лендинга 10 минут 30 минут
#3.6   Как сделать правильный дизайн мобильной и планшетной версии 10 минут 30 минут
#3.7   Как разместить заказ на вёрстку на фрилансе и отобрать ТОП-5 кандидатов 10 минут 2 часа
#3.8   Как выбрать верстальщика и начать с ним работать 10 минут 30 минут
#3.9   Как зарегистрировать домен и подключить его к хостингу 20 минут 30 минут
#3.10   Как принимать работу верстальщика 10 минут 1 час
#4   Оптимизация посадочной страницы 3 часа 7 часов
#4.1   Как установить кнопку чата в вотсапе в мобильную версию 15 минут 30 минут
#4.2   Как привязать лендинг к CRM-системе 30 минут 1 час
#4.3   Как увеличить скорость загрузки лендинга 30 минут 3 часа
#4.4   Какие виджеты ставить на лендинг 30 минут 1 час
#4.5   Установка Яндекс.Метрики на сайт, настройка целей 30 минут 30 минут
#4.6   Установка Google Analytics на сайт, настройка целей 30 минут 30 минут
The result of the course will be

Complete and working Landing page, made by you and two freelancers: designer and coder. Not worse in quality than those in my portfolio.

Course training concept

  • Even a beginner who has never done it before can figure it out

    Lessons are written in simple language and as detailed as possible: go to this link, click here, then tick here + I explain why you need to do so. All instructions in the are accompanied by screenshots, videos and links.

  • Courses are unlimited in time, you can start and finish at your own speed

    I know that everyone has their own business in addition to courses, so I developed a training model in which you can move from lesson to lesson at a convenient speed. By purchasing the access, you get unlimited access to lessons.

  • User-friendly account interface, step-by-step training program

    Each student has a personal account, which displays all the courses of the Academy, purchased courses, hometask and comments. No Dropbox or Google Docs:)

  • Feedback for each hometask

    Hometasks for every lesson. For each hometask - feedback from the mentor, with corrections and recommendations. You won`t be allowed to go to the next lesson until you`ve done your homework..

  • Training materials are regularly updated

    Under each lesson you can leave a comment with a clarification question. If something is unclear, the student will receive a detailed answer, the same information will be included in the lesson, so that the next person does not have such question. Or, if the topic is wide, an additional lesson will be added to the course based on the question.

  • Convenient and clear structure of courses and lessons

    Each course is divided into subject blocks. Each block is divided into small lessons. You know in advance how much time will be spent for the lesson (theoretical part and practice): this will help you to calculate and plan your training.

  • Practice after each lesson

    Each lesson has enough information to consolidate a practical skill. A specific practical task is provided after each lesson

  • Completeness of knowledge in each lesson

    If I ask you to read a book - I provide the link. If I ask you to use the program - I give a video instruction. Each lesson has a full amount of knowledge and instructions to complete the task.

What will this knowledge and skills give you?

Quick experience

Beginners will learn how to do high quality, without spending decades on honing skills and stupid mistakes. The Academy is an opportunity to learn a profitable and interesting profession.

Knowledge of terminology

Entrepreneurs will learn to understand a staff marketer, to control their contractors or to engage in professional marketing of the company.

New knowledge

Tools and methods to improve the quality of their services, improve skills and attract larger and more interesting projects.

Other people`s «secrets»

For marketers, this is a cheap way to learn the secrets of another successful marketer and apply them in your practice:)


Even if you are new to the profession - you will find a job. I am asked about 3 times a day to recommend some of my intelligent students:)

Big money

This knowledge is exactly what I get paid for when ordering contextual advertising. I teach like I do myself. With my knowledge, your work will be worth many times as much.

How much?

Basic Package What does the package include


  • Вы получаете доступ к курсу и ко всем урокам в нём

  • Следующее задание открывается тогда, когда Вы сдали домашнее задание по предыдущему

  • Получаете доступ в закрытый чат для общения со всеми, кто сейчас проходит те же курсы

  • После прохождение - получаете сертификат в электронном виде

The easiest and fastest way to understand if we can work together is to communicate:)
Leave your contacts - I`ll call you and we`ll discuss all the details of your project.
If you want to leave a really cool and useful feedback to many people -
Answer these question
I never guarantee anything to anybody.

This has to be explained to all customers: someone snorts and goes to freelancer websites and some return after some thought.


You come to the doctor, he is a real Pro (you have been looking for him, you waited six months, paid a lot of money). He is the one you need (he has a lot of happy healthy patients, he has exclusive knowledge and all his walls are covered with certificates and diplomas). But, will he guarantee you that he will cure everything? - No way! But he will definitely do Everything in his power - and that is enough. I treat my profession the same way - I can not promise the client the mountains of gold, but I will use ALL my knowledge, skills and experience. I will try to work with each project to the same extent. I do my best every time. And if I know that I can not do my best or do not want to - I refuse.

I can only take responsibility for the results if I become a co-owner of the company, with a percentage of the profits and all the powers. That`s a given? Recently I had an interesting client with the task to create a landing page. The client is not from Russia, with a different mindset and mentality. Just think of it, I create landings for $3000 . And he asks: "David, your works are great. Can I pay you twice as much to try harder?". Do you understand what happened? The man asked to take more of his money. I have never seen this before. I refused him. I took as much as I take from other clients, because I can not give more than 100%. Though, I told him he could pay more if he wanted. But only when the work is completed and delivered.

But I continue to receive calls from the entrepreneurs who are like: "Whoa! 3 grand. And what do you guarantee? Nothing? Pfft. Bye for now. No, wait ... maybe cheaper, huh?".

No, not cheaper.
No, no guatantee.

The easiest and fastest way to understand if we can work together is to communicate:)
Leave your contacts - I`ll call you and we`ll discuss all the details of your project.

I will contact you shortly

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