Hi there!My name isDavid VargaI`m 25 years old and I`m an Internet marketer

I have been in Internet marketing for over 10 years.
I managed to waste millions of budget, bury a few personal projects - all the mistakes that could have been made, I have already made. Bacause of this, the results of my work now surprise not only my customers, but sometimes me too:)

I have experience and knowledge that I am willing to share.

Regalia, let it be named so

In addition to being a genius, millionaire, playboy and philanthropist, for 25 years of my life I have:

14 years

Worked one day at the car wash and realized that "working with hands" is not for me

15 years

Made my first sane money ($10 000) from online games

16 years

Created the most popular website in the CIS about mobile phones. Sold it

17 years

Took up advertising and earned more sane money there ($20000)

21 years

Founded contextual advertising configuration service contextgen.ru

20 years

Developed web applications, created a metalheads social network

19 years

Developed software for paid parkings and vending machines

18 years

Opened my first marketing agency office and closed it

22 years

Received a grant of $500 000 from Microsoft for this service and investments from IIDF

23 years

Worked with the top advertisers with budget starting from $2 000 000

24 years

Opened a big marketing agency and closed it

24 years

Developed Artificial Intelligence to manage contextual advertising

To Be Continued :)
25 years

Founded the Academy of Internet Marketing and taught my craft to the first 100 people

  • Identification and analysis of target audience patterns

  • Target audience identification

  • Calculation and measurement of potential niches

  • Unit-economics

  • Theory of Constraints, TOC

  • Strategic thinking

  • Strategic marketing (creation of marketing strategy)

  • Investment proposal preparation

  • Elaboration of start-up ideas

  • Branding: strengthening positioning of the brand

  • Internal communications

  • Content marketing

  • E-mail marketing

  • Automated sales funnels

  • External communications

  • PHP development

  • C/C++ development

  • JS development

  • HTML Layouts


At the moment the list of my competencies is as follows

Business application development
  • Machine Learning

  • Big Data and Small Data

  • Business applications

  • Speech technology

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Building sales teams

  • Brand portfolio management

  • Branding and market positioning

  • Cloud technologies

  • Server selection

  • Equipment selection

  • Implementation and improvement of CRM systems

  • Development and optimization of busines processes

  • AI development

  • Implementation of automation systems in business

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My results in Internet Marketing

Some cases are described in detail, but not all. Well, here is some infographics.

Sale of stretch ceilings in three price segments


  • Development of 3 Landing pages

  • Setting up contextual advertising

  • 25 request per day

  • 500 rubles for the request

  • 4.5 million rubles revenue of the company

The company's turnover increased by 5.6 times
Sale of business class apartments


  • Development of Landing page

  • Setting up contextual advertising

  • 30 applications per day

  • 700 rubles for the application

  • 80% willingness to meet

7 times increased the company's turnover
Attracting clients for a federal MFO


  • Development of Landing page

  • Setting up contextual advertising

  • The introduction of gamification

  • 7250 applications per day

  • 25 rubles for a "small" application

  • 45 rubles for the "full" application

Managed a budget of 100 million rubles a year

Landing Pages and Websites created by me

Traditionally, no description. Maybe I will do it in future. The examples show up in full when clicked.

The easiest and fastest way to understand if we can work together is to communicate:)
Leave your contacts - I`ll call you and we`ll discuss all the details of your project.
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Answer these question
I never guarantee anything to anybody.

This has to be explained to all customers: someone snorts and goes to freelancer websites and some return after some thought.


You come to the doctor, he is a real Pro (you have been looking for him, you waited six months, paid a lot of money). He is the one you need (he has a lot of happy healthy patients, he has exclusive knowledge and all his walls are covered with certificates and diplomas). But, will he guarantee you that he will cure everything? - No way! But he will definitely do Everything in his power - and that is enough. I treat my profession the same way - I can not promise the client the mountains of gold, but I will use ALL my knowledge, skills and experience. I will try to work with each project to the same extent. I do my best every time. And if I know that I can not do my best or do not want to - I refuse.

I can only take responsibility for the results if I become a co-owner of the company, with a percentage of the profits and all the powers. That`s a given? Recently I had an interesting client with the task to create a landing page. The client is not from Russia, with a different mindset and mentality. Just think of it, I create landings for $3000 . And he asks: "David, your works are great. Can I pay you twice as much to try harder?". Do you understand what happened? The man asked to take more of his money. I have never seen this before. I refused him. I took as much as I take from other clients, because I can not give more than 100%. Though, I told him he could pay more if he wanted. But only when the work is completed and delivered.

But I continue to receive calls from the entrepreneurs who are like: "Whoa! 3 grand. And what do you guarantee? Nothing? Pfft. Bye for now. No, wait ... maybe cheaper, huh?".

No, not cheaper.
No, no guatantee.

The easiest and fastest way to understand if we can work together is to communicate:)
Leave your contacts - I`ll call you and we`ll discuss all the details of your project.

I will contact you shortly

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